This is a math course with an applied focus designed for those planning to enter the workforce or take vocational or technical training in the future. An initial review of equations, inequalities and graphing is followed by selected topics covering both consumer and technical math.
This course qualifies for the BC Adult Graduation Diploma.

BIOL 62/63: Provincial Level Biology provides an introduction to cell biology and human physiology. Topics covered include cell biology, mitosis and meiosis, bioenergetics, homeostasis, genetics, respiration, excretion, bones, muscles, nerves, and immunity. This course is designed to build laboratory and field skills, scientific communication skills and critical thinking skills.

This is a modularized version of EDCP 60.  Modules will become visible as they are being developed.

This module is designed to give an overview of the skills required to be successful in the workplace by investigating the importance of high school graduation, employability skills and essential skills.  Through investigations and self-evaluations, students will discover their strengths and weaknesses and areas for personal improvement.