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This is an applied math course, focusing on the technical math skils required in Renewable Resources work. Topics include: computations, 2-D and 3-D trigonometry, conversion factors, derived and empirical formulas, exponentials and logarithms, and map scales

This course is a continuation of CPSC 100 with emphasis on more advanced programming techniques and design, development and test of large applications. Students will write programs which make use of library functions to display graphical user interfaces, manage collections of data, access files and databases, and interact with other programs.

An introductory C programming course with emphasis on basic programming constructs, algorithms, program design, and good programming practices. This course will introduce a low-level/high-level language to illustrate programming basics. Students will develop and test small programs which loop, make decisions, access arrays, define classes, instantiate objects, and invoke methods.

A course designed for those students who require first year biology in their program of study or who wish to go on to further study in biology. The course includes cell biology, biochemistry, and an examination of the processes of life in the plant and animal body. A strong emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking skills through problem solving, research design, and laboratory analysis.