This site compliments the face to face class. This course is designed to provide an orientation to professionals and agencies providing social services in the West Kootenay as well as to prepare students for practicum activities. Students visit a variety of settings where services are available to deal with a wide range of issues. Resource people are brought in to furnish workshops and information which supplements the course content. The course is an introduction to the notion of applying theory to practice. These experiences should assist students in making their choice of field placement for the winter term as well as increasing their understanding of the depth and breadth of the social service system in this area. Data collection, observation and analytical skills will be developed and demonstrated through this course.

This course is designed to provide students with a variety of theoretical perspectives to understanding families. It considers the diversity of families including exploration of cultural differences, same-sex parents, single parents and blended families. The role of marriage is examined, as well as childbearing and socialization. Issues such as middle age, empty nest, aging in the family, and special concerns such as chronic illness, disability, alcoholism, violence, and poverty are introduced.This is a student resource site that compliments the face to face classroom instruction.