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This course will provide the student with an opportunity to examine personal goals, values and attitudes; develop and practice listening and responding skills, and become more aware of personal strengths and limitations. Designed to help gain self-understanding in order to be more effective in working with people. This course if offered on campus.

A 180-210 hour practicum located in a Human Service setting. This practicum requires students to work directly with children, adults and/or youths in order to promote professional skill acquisition and integration. Emphasis is placed on observation and recording skills, awareness of personal functioning in relation to the children, adults and/or youths. The ability to demonstrate beginning level case management planning. Intervention, and case-presentation skills with both a one-to-one focus and a group focus are also emphasized. The student’s primary purpose is to be able to demonstrate the understanding of professional competencies at an agency that delivers services within the field of Human Services. The student must be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and self-awareness relevant to the field.