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GNUR 102: Professional Practice in the Canadian Health Care System provides an introduction to the role of the Health Care Assistant (HCA) and Nurse within the British Columbia Health care system. Students will be introduced to the healthcare team and the roles and functions of the HCA and Nurse within the team. The students will have the opportunity to acquire personal care and assistance skills within the parameters of the HCA role. The course is comprised of class and supervised laboratory experiences which assists the student to integrate theory from other courses to develop caregiver skills that maintain and promote the comfort, safety and independence of individuals in community and facility. Students will have develop self-reflective skills required for competent practice and will be introduced to effective job-finding approaches.

Most aging people use medication (prescription or over-the-counter) to treat a variety of chronic or symptomatic problems. This course seeks to define the nursing role in medication management with aging clients or patients. An understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics related to the aging body will assist the gerontological nurse in understanding drug reactions. Reasons for drug misuse and abuse will be explored and strategies developed to improve drug regime compliance. High risk medications and polypharmacy will be discussed. Tools to assist with medication profile analysis will be presented.