GNUR 411 Introduction to Nursing Leadership is a dynamic course for new and aspiring leaders. Learners will develop strong interpersonal and team building skills while exploring their own personal philosophy of leadership. Students will focus on and develop skills to manage conflict in the workplace, build team performance, collaborate effectively with others, problem solve, and manage change while pursuing personal improvement and development as future leaders in the health care system.

GNUR 412 Professional Nursing in the Canadian Health Care System will introduce international nurses to the structure of the Canadian health care system, and the roles and scopes of practice of nurses working within it.  Theoretical foundations of professional nursing practice will provide a basis for understanding and examining Standards of Practice and ethical responsibilities within nursing.  The significance of health promotion and holistic health care will underscore how nurses can provide care that strives to help clients gain or retain quality of life and reduce health disparities within diverse populations.

This is a continuation of GNUR- I 511 examination normal changes of aging in body systems and introducing further chronic conditions and their treatment modalities.