In SROM 152 you will explore hands on how ski resorts plan, organize, operate, manage and evaluate a special event.  You will learn how to gather sponsors, and use primary and secondary market research, advertising media, social media, and news releases to advertise for a special event up at Whitewater Ski resort. 

This course is an online version of LIFT 150 - Ski Lift Operations Train-the-Trainer. The British Columbia Elevating Devices Safety regulation requires mandatory certification for personnel who train ski lift operators. Selkirk College, with assistance from the BC Safety Authority, designed LIFT 150 to meet the training needs of ski resort employees who want to become certified by the BC Safety Authority to train lift operators. Selkirk College offers a face-to-face version of LIFT 150 each year at the Canada West Ski Areas Association Operations and Maintenance Seminar. This online version of LIFT 150 is available to ski resort lift operations staff who cannot attend the face-to-face version of the course.

SROM 153 is designed to help prospective supervisors understand how individuals and organizations function effectively through the study of behaviour, communication and organizational structure.  It provides students with a working knowledge of the formal relationships between employees and management in the work place through the study of leadership styles, group dynamics and motivation.  Students will gain an understanding of the skills required to lead people and to contribute to a team effort.  This course also examines changes in society and how they are influencing organizations relating to employee and management roles in time management, stress management, and problem solving

This 45-hour database course covers basic concepts in the understanding, querying and maintenance of a database system using Microsoft Access 2016. Students will also cover concepts of industry database needs and will have hands on experience in collaborating with classmates to research and report on industry database use.

Guest Services personnel perform many functions at ski resorts and ski areas.  As front line employees, they must be equipped with excellent customer service skills.  Quality service delivery, product sales techniques and administrative skills are all employed by staff members working in Guest Services operations.

Snow School Operations is an integral part of a Ski resorts services.  With the proper management techniques a snow school could be a major revenue centre for the resort.  The function, quality and performance of front-line instructors as well as supervisors and management of the snow school can make or break a beginners ski/snowboard experience.

SROM 160 is presented to provide students with some of the practical knowledge required to sell ski resort products and deliver services to ski resort guests.  The size of the ski resort determines the makeup of this operating department and the complexity of systems used.  The ability to adapt and design delivery and product sales systems for different size operations will be emphasized.  Interfacing management requirements for statistical information and guest controls with the practical design and application of systems and procedures is a requirement for the efficient operation of this operating department.

This course will also focus on Snow School Operations from a management perspective.  An emphasis will be put on staffing, scheduling, budgeting and programming.

Snow safety concerns begin with avalanche hazards. Students study avalance phenomena and avalanche terrain, mountain weather and snowpack features, avalanche hazard evaluation and avalanche control measures. In addition, the course addresses avalanche hazard identification in ski area planning. Ski patrol topics include first aid standards, accident investigation, patrol staffing and training, skier safety measures and facilities and equipment.

As labour markets tighten around the globe, good human resources management is essential to attracting and retaining effective staff.  This is particularly true in seasonal resorts and ski areas where the link between staff and the guest is so critical. Innovative approaches to human resources management are necessary to recruit and retain the right people in the industry.  In this course you will focus on the critical issues that concern managers in the tourism industry: human resource planning, recruitment and selection, orientation, training and development, performance management and progressive discipline, challenges and trends, employment standards and labour relations.

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