Academic Reading is an advanced course which includes study and discussion of a variety of modified and authentic academic reading selections taken from the textbook and other sources. The course focuses on the development of vocabulary and specific reading strategies, including making notes and summarizing information, as well as on the understanding and analysis of texts on academic and social topics. Students develop their ability to read critically and discuss academic texts and to use a unilingual English dictionary.

This is an advanced writing course that focuses on various forms of writing that can be found in the academic and the work world. In addition to formal academic research techniques, this course will also explore practical technical writing skills needed for clear, timely, concise and accurate communication. The writer must focus on the purpose and audience as well as the form, style and organization. In this class, students will produce a variety of practical and academic forms of writing, including correspondence, summaries, instructions, proposals, reports etc.

Volunteer Internship is an advanced interactive communicative seminar where students can volunteer once a week at a business, service or organization in Castlegar. This experience gives students an opportunity to learn more about the community and use their English in a real setting.

EASL 095A:  Partnership is an interactive communicative seminar which connects English language learners with other students who are native English speakers for informal meetings. The ESL student and their partner meet once a week for conversation and sharing of cultures and interests. This seminar provides an opportunity to practice English in a one on one situation.