This nursing practice experience continues to provide opportunities for learners to develop caring relationships with individuals and families for the purpose of health promotion while coming to understand their health and healing processes when experiencing more complex health challenges, both episodic and chronic. Participants will have opportunities to practice nursing approaches that accompany this understanding. Participants work with families and individuals in the home and community, in agencies, and in care facilities to incorporate concepts and learning from all the courses in this semester into their nursing practice. The community and society are considered as contextual influences on the promotion of health for the individual and the family.

This Moodle site complements the face to face classes. This course builds on Health and Healing I and II and Health Sciences III and IV and provides opportunities for participants to build on their nursing knowledge and understanding of health and healing in relation to complex episodic and chronic health challenges. This advanced course will focus on current topics and emerging knowledge related to a variety of health care contexts.

The intent of Nur 360 Professional Growth IV: Research is to enhance your nursing practice through the use of research; specifically, the ability to comprehend, critique, and utilize nursing research. You will also gain skills to enable you to reflect critically on various research methodologies, examine your practice in relation to nursing reserach, and pose researchable questions to inform evidence-based pratice. This class is delivered face-to-face and this moodle site will act as a resource and communicaton tool.

Welcome to the moodle site for Nur 370/ Nur 470 - spring 2015. This site will provide you with a number of excellent resources, templates and a means of group communication and information sharing during these classes. We are all looking forward to a great summer full of new opportunities to link theory to practice. Enjoy!

This course explores ways nurses can provide leadership, influence, create and manage change for the promotion of health for individuals, families, groups and communities within the context of society and the world. Emphasis is place on leadership roles of the nurse within practice contexts. The role of the nurse within the current and evolving Canadian health care system is explored including consideration of the impact of global trends and issues. Issues facing nurses in the current work environment will be discussed. Colllaborative and ethical approaches for working within institutional philosophies and frameworks will be explored.

This site compliments the face to face classes. This nursing practice experience provides opportunities for participants to engage in influencing change for the promotion of societal health within the Canadian health care system. The nursing practice experience focuses on participant's growth in their practice as professional nurses. They have opportunities to collaborate with interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral groups.

This site will be used as a supplement to the face to face courses:

  • Nursing 475 Consolidated Practice Experience V and
  • Nursing 491 - Nursing Practice VIII.

This is a resouce site for students in the Nursing program. Information on policies, procedures, writing style, etc. are available from this site.