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COMM 220: Principles of Organizational Behaviour course is an introduction to the behaviour, relationships, and performance of individuals and groups in work organizations as well as the nature of organizational structure and processes. Organizational dynamics are examined with a view to creating an effective working environment from a human perspective.

ADMN 181: Marketing introduces students to basic concepts and principles of marketing. Topics include Canadian entrepreneurship, small business management, evaluation of business opportunities, and marketing management. Market planning will be emphasized as well as practical decision making in regards to evaluating the business environment, market segmentation, market research, and strategy choices. The marketing mix or product, price, place of distribution, and promotion will be discussed in depth.

ECON 107: Principles of Microeconomics is usually taken following ECON 106: Principles of Macroeconomics. Topics covered include: supply and demand - price supports, the agricultural problem, value theory, theory of the firm - competition, pollution, industrial organization - monopoly, public utilities, advertising, income distribution - labour unions, productivity.

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Business Administration Students Club page.

Welcome to the Accounting & Finance Club.

The purpose of the club is to have some fun, and maybe learn a little bit of something along the way.  We will be holding a few event, watching movies, doing some networking with local CPA's, other professionals and business owners. The club is not only focused on CPA's, it is a general business club for all students in the School of Business.

The club will run for the entire School year ending in April, and reforming a new Executive the following September.