Welcome to the Business and Accounting Club.

The purpose of the club is to have some fun, and maybe learn a little bit of something along the way.  We will be holding a few event, watching movies, doing some networking with local CPA's, other professionals and business owners. The club is not only focused on CPA's, it is a general business club for all students in the School of Business.

The club will run for the entire School year ending in April, and reforming a new Executive the following September.

This site is a student portal for new student orientation, events, resources and information. The site is restricted to School of Business Students.

ECON 107: Principles of Microeconomics is usually taken following ECON 106: Principles of Macroeconomics. Topics covered include: supply and demand - price supports, the agricultural problem, value theory, theory of the firm - competition, pollution, industrial organization - monopoly, public utilities, advertising, income distribution - labour unions, productivity.

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