Palliative care is the unique way caregivers think, respond, and act as they give skilled and compassionate care to a dying person and the support system of that person. The course begins by helping each nurse understand their own perceptions of death and palliation by reflecting on their experiences with dying people. After exploring the concept of a Palliative Approach each participant will gain specific and current knowledge about symptom assessment and management, and how to deal with selected palliative emergency situations. Particularly unique aspects of caring for the dying, eg, family care, communication, grief, and self-care will be explored.

IPHE 401 Spirituality and Aging.  As the physical body ages it declines and deteriorates.  In contrast, the human spirit continues to develop and mature until the end of life.  Participants in this course will examine the importance of spirituality in aging, and its positive effects on health, wellness and achievement of meaning in life. Conversely, suffering or spiritual distress can rob an older adult of the older adult of the opportunity to end life peacefully and geriatric practitioners must know how to respond.  Roles and opportunities for caregivers to promote and support the spirituality of aging persons will be explored. Research methods and assessment tools to assess spiritual needs will be examined.