BIOL 62/63: Provincial Level Biology provides an introduction to cell biology and human physiology. Topics covered include cell biology, mitosis and meiosis, bioenergetics, homeostasis, genetics, respiration, excretion, bones, muscles, nerves, and immunity. This course is designed to build laboratory and field skills, scientific communication skills and critical thinking skills.

Education and Career Planning is intended to enhance the life and employment readiness skills of adult learners.  Students will be prepared to pursue occupational and educational goals in a changing and diverse world.  Topics covered include personal awareness, communication, cultural diversity, education and career exploration, job search, study skills, and financial management.

This is course is recognized as a provincial-level elective toward the BC Adult Graduation Diploma.


Welcome to the trades math learning resource! This resource has been designed to help you brush up your math skills for your chosen trade.

If you need your math prerequisite to get into a course, these units will count towards the Intermediate Math 46 course that you will need.

If you find you need assistance as you are using the material, or want to register for Intermediate Math 46, contact a Selkirk College Upgrading Centre near you. For contact details, click here.

Work Experience recognizes that many adults have gained significant workplace skills and knowledge. This course is intended, in part, to provide students who already have a minimum of 270 hours of paid and/or volunteer work with a framework to recognize and reflect on the work experience. The course includes opportunities to demonstrate knowledge of occupational health and safety, effective communication, and workplace ethics, as well as mastery of technical and applied skills, knowledge, and attitude for success in the workplace.

This is course is recognized as a provincial-level elective toward the BC Adult Graduation Diploma.

This site is a supplement for on-campus Work 60 offerings.