This course provides students with practical experience in observing and recording children’s individual abilities and interests over time. The course is designed to integrate theories and practices in the ECCE field. Students observe and participate in child care programs in the region. Reflective practice and professional conduct are developed.

This course provides opportunities to learn about warm, caring, responsive relationships and emotionally safe child-centered environments.  Students explore the areas of art, music, movement and drama within the conceptual frameworks of developmentally appropriate practice, the competent child, diversity, child-centered environments, sensory motor exploration, emergent curriculum and creativity.

This course will explore child development from theoretical perspectives and will examine ways of enhancing young children's development. Conceptual themes to be addressed include: developmentally appropriate practice, the competent child, diversity, responsive caring, relationships, child centred environments, emotional safety, and creativity.

Valuable Resources for all Human Services Department Students