This section provides an overview of the HCA Program, includes tutorials for foundational skills needed to be successful and some other important activities that you'll need to do as you begin this journey!

This course provides an introduction to the role of the HCA within the British Columbia health care system. Students are introduced to the health care team and the roles and functions of the HCA within the team. Students also have opportunities to develop self-reflective skills required for competent practice and will be introduced to effective job-finding approaches.

This practical course offers students the opportunity to acquire personal care and assistance skills within the parameters of the HCA role. The course is comprised of class, supervised laboratory experiences and supervised experience in a long term care facility. The aim of this course is to assist the student to integrate theory from other courses to develop care-giver skills that maintain and promote the comfort, safety, and independence of individuals in community and facility contexts.

Due to Covid-19 this course has been revised and may continue to change upon direction of the college.

This supervised practice experience provides students with an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills from all other courses in the program with individuals in a multi-level/complex care setting. A portion of this clinical experience is devoted to working with individuals experiencing cognitive challenges. Opportunity is provided for students to gain expertise and confidence with the role of the HCA within the residential care facility.