Intermediate Communications provides opportunities for students to take an active role in initiating, sustaining and closing social conversations.  Students learn to use relevant vocabulary and idioms as well as a range of intermediate grammatical structures to express opinions on familiar topics in discussions and presentations. Students learn to comprehend and produce a range of functions (e.g. clarifying and requesting clarification). Students also learn to use natural English speech patterns, intonation and rhythm and improve their listening comprehension using a variety of media sources and interpersonal communication. Students begin to take simple notes while listening.


EASL 045: Advanced Grammar: Complex Verbs is an advanced academic course which is intended to help students, who speak English as an additional language, develop accuracy and gain fluency in the use of verb tenses and related structures such as modals and passives.


EASL 056A: Advanced Writing - College Essays is an advanced academic course in writing for students who study English as an additional language. The course focuses on using the writing process for planning, writing, and revising to produce well-developed, multi-paragraph academic essays, including comparison / contrast and argumentative research. Attention is given to the use of accurate and effective research techniques. The course consists of a weekly class and an interactive writing workshop with the instructor in the computer lab.

Advanced Reading - Academic Reading is an advanced course which includes study and discussion of a variety of modified and authentic academic readings, taken from the textbook and other sources. The course focuses on the development of vocabulary and specific reading strategies, including making notes and summarizing information, as well as on the understanding and analysis of texts on academic and social topics. Students develop their ability to read critically, discuss academic texts, and acquire advanced vocabulary.